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time to get less ill

I'm still not right.  Slept for 18 of this 24.  Meh.  Throat all full of some hard substance of mucus that seems to be hanging off the uvula.  Grotesque -- woke up thinking I'd soon choke to death.  This happened a few weeks ago, too.  I've tried cran water, tea, cocoa, water, cola ... all to no avail.  Throat spray, hot lemon gargle, extreme stunts with mouthwash -- gross.  Doc's office said Mucinex and fluids. 
 I was practically psychotic with exhaustion at Easter -- which might have had to do with getting up to go to early-ass Mass with the folks -- but by the time it was 8:30, I was about to throw things at dad to get his ass moving.  I was grouchy, which makes me sad, but I just had to get home and sleep.  Slept in the car up to and back from Marblehead.  Stayed out today and slept from the time I called out to the time my doc's office called me about Wednesday and then from then to 7:45 pm.  I've been chugging fluids, but still have this crappy thing in the throat.  Sleep seems the most sensible next step ... not like I haven't had enough today, but hey.
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